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Prevent Falls

& Wandering

  • Bed Exit Monitoring

  • Chair Exit Monitoring

  • Door Exit Monitoring

  • Motion Activated Alarms

  • Anti-Wandering Solutions

  • Portable Paging Systems

  • Nurse Call Systems

Flloe Mat Fall Alarm Kits
Bed Pad Alarm System kit
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chair pad stand up alarm
Anti Wandering Alarm Sensor
Fall Alarm Kits in retail boxes
Fall Monitors and Bed Exit Alarms

Fall Alarms / Fall Monitors / Bed Exit Alarms

Fall Monitors & Exit Alarms are designed to alert caregivers when an individual who may be at-risk needs assistance - so you can get to them before they fall! Smart Caregiver monitors feature Corded, Cord Free, and Pull-String designs to fit any application and...... more

Wirelss Fall Prevention

Wireless Fall Prevention

Cord Free Fall Monitors means no noise in room! Place a quiet fall monitor where you need it!

We have flexible wireless monitors that communicate with pagers and other remote devices. Central Monitoring 433-CMU Resident monitoring from one central location. Works with...... more

Anti Wandering alarm systems for dementure and alzheimers patients
Anti-Wandering Solutions

Our Motion Sensors TL-2700 Stand Alone Motion Sensor 433MS-SYS Motion Sensor to Economy CordLess Fall Alarm TL-5102MP Two Call Buttons to Pager GPIR1-SYS/GPIR2-SYS Motion Sensor to CordLess Fall Alarm   Door Exit Alarms TL-4005HOME Easy-to-Install Anti-Wandering Door Bar System...... more

Please Note: All bed/chair sensor pads or floor mats must be connected to a Smart Caregiver Monitor to operate.

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