Falls Prevention Alarm 433EC receiving signal from sensor

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Prevent Falls

& Wandering

  • Bed Exit Monitoring

  • Chair Exit Monitoring

  • Door Exit Monitoring

  • Motion Activated Alarms

  • Anti-Wandering Solutions

  • Portable Paging Systems

  • Nurse Call Systems

Flloe Mat Fall Alarm Kits
Bed Pad Alarm System kit
Anti wandering alarm old gentleman about to wander is stopped
chair pad stand up alarm
Anti Wandering Alarm Sensor
Fall Alarm Kits in retail boxes
Fall Monitors and Bed Exit Alarms

Fall Alarms / Fall Monitors / Bed Exit Alarms

Fall Monitors & Exit Alarms are designed to alert caregivers when an individual who may be at-risk needs assistance - so you can get to them before they fall! Smart Caregiver monitors feature Corded, Cord Free, and Pull-String designs to fit any application and...... more

Wirelss Fall Prevention Diagram

Wireless Fall Prevention

Cord Free Fall Monitors means no noise in room! Place a quiet fall monitor where you need it!

We have flexible wireless monitors that communicate with pagers and other remote devices. Central Monitoring 433-CMU Resident monitoring from one central location. Works with...... more

Anti Wandering alarm systems for dementure and alzheimers patients
Anti-Wandering Solutions

Our Motion Sensors TL-2700 Stand Alone Motion Sensor 433MS-SYS Motion Sensor to Economy CordLess Fall Alarm TL-5102MP Two Call Buttons to Pager GPIR1-SYS/GPIR2-SYS Motion Sensor to CordLess Fall Alarm   Door Exit Alarms TL-4005HOME Easy-to-Install Anti-Wandering Door Bar System...... more

Please Note: All bed/chair sensor pads or floor mats must be connected to a Smart Caregiver Monitor to operate.

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