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Fall Prevention Monitors

TL-2100B  Basic Bed / Chair Exit Monitor

TL-2100E Economy Fall Monitor

TL-2100S Safety Auto-Reset Monitor

TL-2100CP Change Pad Indicator Fall Monitor

TL-2100G CordLess Fall Monitor

 TL-2016R Wireless Fall Monitor

Pull String Monitors

TL-2000 (TL-02) “Unbreakable” Pull-String Monitor

TL-3100V DUAL Recordable Voice Fall Monitor

TL-01 Non-Magnetic Pull-String Monitor (Pacemaker Safe)

TL-03 / TL-04 Bed or Chair Fall Monitor

Motion Sensor Systems

TL-2800 Motion Sensor with Portable Receiver Alarm

TL-5102MP Motion Activated Paging System

Wireless Call Systems

TL-5102TP Two Call Button to Pager System

433-EC Economy CordLess® Fall Monitor

433-CMU Economy Central Monitoring Unit

TL-2015R2 Large Facility Central Monitoring Unit

Wheelchair Seat Belts

TL-2109 / TL-2109V Early Warning Wheelchair Seat Belt Sensor Alarms

Anti-Wandering Door Bar Systems

TL-3005SYSR2  Anti-Wandering Single Door Bar System

TL-3004SYSR2   Anti-Wandering Double Door Bar System

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