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Wheelchair Monitoring Solutions

Chair Exit Alarms

The Fall Prevention Wheelchair Seat Belts reduce falls by triggering a fall monitor when the Easy Release Buckle is unbuckled or the Quick Release Hook & Loop strap is opened; notifying caregivers before a resident attempts to leave their chair. These early warning seat belts are designed for use with all of our TL-2100 Series Fall Monitors.

Wheelchair Seat Belt Alarms



Both the Easy Release & Quick Release seat belts preserve resident’s freedom of movement by not acting as a restraint. Further, the Quick Release Seat Belt is ideal for residents with low dexterity as the Hook & Loop strap can be easily unfastened with one hand


  • Easy Release Seat Belt features a large, red button that is easy to locate and release with one finger

  • Quick Release Seat Belt features an easily grasped Hook & Loop strap which unfastens quickly even for those with limited dexterity

  • Fully Adjustable Belt Length – 20” to 54”

  • Metal ends install securely on most wheelchair models

For use with:






Chair Sensor Pads

The Smart Caregiver Pressure Chair Sensor Pads are compatible with all Smart Caregiver fall prevention monitors and systems. These sensor pads are totally sealed and impervious to fluids. Made with silver membrane technology, assures long reliable life. These weight-sensitive pressure pads are for chair fall alarm monitor use. When connected to a fall prevention monitor, the pressure pad will trigger the fall alarm when weight is removed from the pressure pad itself. These pressure pad provides incontinence protection.

Chair Pad for aged care
Cordless Chair pad for nursing homes
Chir pads for the elderly

PPC-WI Corded Chair Pads. Alerts caregivers whenever pressure is removed from the sensor pad

GCT-WI CordLess® Chair Pads. No cords! Reduces tripping hazards an eliminates broken or tangled cords

TC-WI Timed Chair Pads

Unique coiled cord reduces tripping & entanglement hazards

Pull String Monitors

Our Pull-String Monitors are designed for use with the provided pull-cord and garment clip.  Simply attach the garment clip to an at-risk individual’s clothing and when they rise to get up, the pull-string will be pulled free of the monitor triggering an alert to notify caregivers that assistance is required.  Pull-String monitors are ideal for chair exit monitoring and are a great alternative to pressure pad systems.

Unbreakable Smart Fall Monitor Stand Up alarm For the elderly aged care resident

TL-2000 Easy-to-Use™ Lifetime Warranty Pull-String Alarm “Unbreakable” Pull-String monitor with lifetime warranty!

Recordable Fall alarm

TL-3100V Easy-to-Use™ Recordable Voice Dual Fall Alarm. Allows the residents to hear a melody or a familiar voice instead of a frightening alarm sound.

TL-001 Easy-to-Use™ Non Magnetic Pull-String Alarm. Non-Magnet Pull-String monitor with separation switch. Pacemaker Safe.

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