TL-2015R2 Large Facility Central Monitoring Unit

Complete Resident Monitoring & Paging System

Wireless Deluxe Central Monitoring Unit –  Designed to wirelessly connect with up to 999 devices.  Monitor alerts caregiver when a resident is in need of assistance and displays which device triggered the alarm.  The system can identify devices by room number.   

1 Year Warranty

The Deluxe CMU has a 1 year warranty and functions with a variety of components and accessories including Anti-Wandering Door Systems & LCD Pagers.

Easy Setup

Works with a large selection of wireless devices without any hard-wiring.


-Monitor as many residents as needed (up to 999)

-Alerts indicate which device triggered the alarm

-Sends alert to caregiver pager

-Receives signal from any number of wireless devices in the facility (i.e. Anti- Wandering Door Bars, Wireless Fall Monitors, Cordless Bed
Pads, Floor mats, Emergency Call Buttons, Bathroom Call Alarms, etc.)

ARTG no. 288028

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