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Elderly Fall Alarms

Falls in elderly people are a major problem. Elderly fall alarms have an important role to play in fall prevention strategies. As we age a fall becomes more likely, possibly with devastating consequences, for example a hip fracture. A good quality fall alarm can alert the care giver, family member or staff member that an at risk of falls senior is attempting to stand up, get out of bed or even go wandering. The appropriate fall alarm system should be chosen carefully as falls alarms will discourage people from relying on them. We even have the answer to bathroom safety - the 2007-SYS wireless emergency call system.

Smart Caregiver fall alarms are designed and manufactured to be of the best quality and reliability to prevent falls in elderly people. There is even a wireless fall alarm system! Bed sensor pads, chair sensor pads and sensor mats are just three of the components that can be added to the fall alarm monitors. Pagers are also available so a nurse or caregiver is alerted as soon as a resident, patient, or elderly person attempts to stand up.

Our Fall Alarm Systems make installing and programming your own fall alarms easy and simple which means nil expensive installation costs

As we all know its very important that we help our seniors and older people to prevent them from fracturing a hip or other bone due to a fall either in a nursing home, aged care facility or at home. Falls can be devastating for elderly people and there are many things we can do to stop them. Fall alarm monitors, bed exit alarms, stand up alarms and patient wandering systems are a few of the " weapons" in our armoury to warn us of an impending or possible fall occuring.

For example our standard Fall Monitors are designed for use with our Corded Chair Pads, Bed Pads & Floor Mats.  Simply plug the sensor pad or mat into the fall alarm and place underneath falls risk elderly resident or person.  When they move to stand up,  an alert is triggered and the alarm will let the caregiver know that their help is needed. There are various types of alarm available, for example bed exit alarms, stand up alarms, anti wandering alarms, motion sensor alarms to name  a few.

NEW! Just released is our bathroom fall alarm. It has an emergency call button which when pressed sends a signal to the monitor up to 100m away. Falls in bathrooms and toilets are common and the 2007-SYS will monitor when the elderly need help in the bathroom or toilet. More.....

Fall Prevention Bed and Chair Monitoring System

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