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When a person wearing a wristband attempts to wander too close or through the doorway, the door monitor alarm sounds audibly and visually at the door and at the caregiver's pager. The Caregiver can silence the alarm using the supplied reset button located a little way away from the door. The TL-4005HOME Single Door Monitor alarm system includes an AC adapter, magnetic contact switch, the resident wristband and a Reset Button. The magnetic contact switch, when installed, require both the monitored resident to be within the range of the door monitor and that the door be open initiating an open magnet contact which triggers the alarm, alerting the caregiver of the persons mobility

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Door Bar Monitor & Door Contact

  • 1 Wireless Pager

  • 1 Resident Wristband and 5 Wristband Straps

  • 1 Caregiver Pager (batteries included)

  • 1 Power Supply

NEW Anti-Wandering Door Kit

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