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Caregiver Pager with LCD Display (For use with TL-2016R)

The TL-2016P Caregiver Pager functions directly with the TL-2016 Fall Monitor which works with standard bed and chair sensor pads, floor mats and early-warning seat belts.
When a resident gets up, the sensor pads activate the alarm monitor, the monitor sends a wireless signal to the pager.

The pager alerts caregivers directly about resident activities without the need for a central monitor.

For facility or in-home care.

Smart Caregiver Paging Systems are perfect for large or small caregiver facilities and for home care-giving. The caregiver pagers have an audible alarm and are small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt.

Illuminated display for easy location at night

  • Battery operated (2-AA not included)
  • Low Battery notification
  • Audible signal notification
  • Adjustable volume level, tone, alarm or vibrate options

Caregiver Pager with LCD Display (For use with TL-2016R)

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