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Low Cost – Universal. This Smart Caregiver Economy Fall Monitor Alarm functions with weight-sensing bed and chair pressure pads, floor mats, or early warning seat belts. Caregiver is notified by an audible and visual alert.​Monitor can be placed at the bedside or wheelchair and then connected to a corded sensor pad, floor mat or seat belt. When the resident is about to get up from a bed or a chair, the monitor will sound alerting the caregiver.​On/Off SwitchThe fall monitor features an “On/Off” switch that prevents the alarm from sounding when the caregiver moves the resident from bed or chair, or when changing clothing or linens.Features:– Low Cost with full range volume control.– Visual Status Light – when in use, the visual alert light blinks every 4 seconds. This lets the caregiver knows that the system is functioning properly.– Nurse Call Capability – enables you to use with existing hard-wired nurse call systems.– Battery Operated (3-AA, Not Included).

For use with Corded Chair Pad, Corded Bed Pad and Corded Floor Mat 

Fallguard Economy Fall Monitor

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