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No Noise in Room!

The Smart Caregiver TL-5102MP is a stand-alone motion paging system that allows you to eliminate in-room alarm noise.  The Motion Sensor is placed in a doorway or by the bedside and when motion is detected, a silent wireless signal is sent to the caregiver pager up to 100m away.

Caregiver Alerted by Pager

The Caregiver Pager is pocket-sized and light-weight; giving caregivers the freedom they need.

Place it where you need it

The Motion Sensor may be placed almost anywhere to achieve optimal detection coverage.  The Exit Alarm can be placed next to the bed or by a doorway and when the sensor field detects movement, the pager is activated – notifying the caregiver.

TL-5102MP Motion Sensor Pager


-Quiet – No alarming monitors

-Easy to set up – insert batteries and it’s ready to use

-Pocket sized pager – Easy to carry

-Exit Alarm can be placed by bed or doorway to monitor residents’ activitie

– Optional 12V DC Power Adapter (AC-04) For Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor Alarm With Pager

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