Flexible wireless monitor that talks to pagers, central monitors and remote caregiver devices.

(Pager sold seperately)

Reduce alarm noise in room!The monitor can be set to silent to reduce in-room alarm noise. When a resident attempts to get up, a silent wireless signal is sent to a caregiver pager or central nurse’s station.​Flexible & VersatileThe wireless fall alarm is designed to work with Corded Bed & Chair Sensor Pads, Floor Mats, Quick-Release Seat Belts, Pagers, Emergency Call Lights, Nurse Call Cords and Central Monitoring Units. This monitor allows caregivers the flexibility to monitor residents based on their unique needs.​Increase caregiver freedom! Caregiver can attend to other duties and receive an alert with use of a pager when someone is getting up from a bed , a chair, or approaching an exit.Features:– Monitor sends quiet wireless signal to pager for noise-free caregiver notification.– Call Button on front of monitor.– Also works with existing nurse call system.

Quiet Wireless Fall Alarm Monitor (Pager Not Included)


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