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Stop your at falls risk loved ones from wandering with HealthSaver Alarms

One of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia is a tendency for patients to wander. A person with one of these diseases can wander away from home or assisted living facility unnoticed. HealthSaver Alarms in conjunction with Smart Caregiver have made an economical and safe way to prevent patient wandering in Australia with their Anti-Wandering Wireless Alarm Monitoring Systems.

HealthSaver Smart Caregiver cordless fall monitors

One low cost anti-wandering solution is the Economy Cordless Fall Monitor and your choice of Cordless Sensor Chair Pads, Bed Pads, or Floor Mats. Being cordless potential trip hazards other corded sensor pads can create are eliminated.

The Economy Cordless Alarm features an on/off switch, adjustable volume, chime and flashing light. When programmed to one of our sensors including the bed, chair or floor mats, the system alerts caregivers if a patient attempts to exit their bed, chair or wheelchair which could lead to a fall or wandering off.

We have many solutions to alert caregivers to wandering or potential falls - for expert help and advice call HealthSaver on 1300 767888 within Australia, or visit our web site at

wireless bed pad monitor

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