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Elderly Falls

Injuries resulting from falls in elderly or senior people are a major public health concern, representing one of the main causes of long standing pain, functional impairment, disability, and even death in the elder section of our population. The frequency of fall injuries is on the increase in a lot of areas, which has prompted many prevention methods and fall prevention programmes being put into place especially in our aged care facilities in Australia.

These measures include interventions such as exercise, vitamin D supplements, change of medications, hip protectors, better footwear, improved lighting. improved frequency of eye tests for the at risk and of course environmental changes. One of the most effective interventions has been found to be bed/chair exit alarms to alert staff to someone who may be trying to stand without the help they may need.

HipSaver Hip Protectors

We believe all elderly residents of aged care facilities, and also people at home who have been assessed as a fall risk, should wear hip protectors for hip fracture protection should they have a fall. Couple this simple thing with a reliable falls prevention alarm system.......

...........together with some of the interventions listed above, we can make a dramatic difference to the quality and longevity of the life of our senior citizens.

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