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Pull String Alarms or Sensor Pad Monitors?

So which type is better? Knowing some Fall Monitor basics can greatly minimise the risk of patient falls. Two main types of fall monitors are generally available - either the pull-string variety or the pressure pad type.

1. Pressure Pad type monitors & how they work.

A thin pad is placed under the patient in their bed or chair. When the patient attempts to stand up the monitor sets off an alarm, triggered when their weight is removed from the pressure pad. This means the pressure pad can be moved so the so that the resident has maximum freedom to move around in their chair or bed. Pressure pads allow the resident more freedom of

movement when they roll in their sleep. It is difficult for the resident to defeat this system because the patient is sitting on the switch. The only real disadvantage of pressure pad systems is the pads can wear out. HealthSaver Alarms only supply top quality Smart Caregiver pads with a full 12 months warranty.

2. Pull String Monitors and how they Work.

Pull String Monitors typically use a magnet tied to a cord or string. The other end of the cord is clipped to the residents garment. When the resident attempts to get out of their chair or bed, they pull on the cord, pulling the magnet from position and triggering the alarm. Unlike Pressure Pads, a resident can be in bed or in their chair at the time of the monitor set-up. Pull String Monitors are typically less expensive and usually last longer t

han the Pressure Pads, they can be used anywhere, anytime because they install easily and quickly. When used in bed though, Pull String cords often cause false alarms when the patient rolls in their sleep. Also, a resident can easily defeat this system simply by unclipping themselves from the monitor.

So both Pull String and Pressure Pad Systems work best when used correctly in the right application. Smart Caregiver Corporation and HealthSaver are committed to providing affordable and well-built patient monitoring systems so that Caregivers can afford to keep their residents safe.

More information can be found on our web site at

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