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Fall Prevention in Long Term Care Facilities

Although institutions are generally considered safer environments, the patients are frailer and therefore subtle environmental hazards may pose greater risks. Fall prevention in Long Term Care homes can be dramatically reduced by upholding basic facility standards. Examples are keeping floors in good repair and free of spills and clutter. Insisting that residents wear non-skid, well fitting footwear. Provide the appropriate amounts of light needed. Make switches and plugs accessible to residents. Use non-slip mats in baths and showers and have a call button or emergency pull cord within reach. Ensure that grab bars are secure and at appropriate levels and locations. Schedule regular maintenance for wheelchairs, walkers and canes and avoid residents sharing equipment if possible.

The first 48 hours after admission to a Long Term Care Facility are crucial, as 45% of accidents can occur within this time. Have a fall policies and procedures in place and ensure that all employees know them. Stay current on fall prevention and monitoring equipment. Track and analyse falls within the facility.

There should be immediate and frequent at-risk assessment of residents, together with the development of a care plan to include fall prevention interventions. All falls that do occur should be documented and investigated.

Smart Caregiver Floor Mat Monitor Monitoring at-risk-for-fall residents using the Smart Floor Mat Monitor will save your Facility money and time. This versatile system is placed by the bed, chair or in a doorway, and when someone steps on the mat the alarm sounds and stays on until turned off. The soft rubber mat is waterproof for easy cleaning and is available with a standard or wireless monitor.

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