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Patient Monitoring for Falls Risk Patients

Patient fall monitors first appeared on the market less than a few decades ago. Since then, fall monitor designers have looked toward providing fall prevention that monitors residents movement both effectively and unobtrusively. Alternative fall management tactics such as locking doors indiscriminately prohibits movement not only for residents but staff and guests alike.

Fall monitors involving wires and loud alarms understandably upset residents. More recently, long term care residents have had the benefit of anti-wandering systems that are very unobtrusive and much more effective. These systems are built around the concept of Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters and receivers. The transmitter is concealed in small comfortable pendant or wristband worn by the resident. The receiver is typically a digital relay. Each patient transmitter omits a unique signal which when detected by a receiver located on a door or hallway wall, activates an audible and visual alarm. Nurse call boards are also used. The receiver also reports the name and/or bed number of the wandering resident on a digital display. Each receiver is capable of tracking multiple residents because each resident is transmitting a personalised signal. The term for this product is a Wireless Reporting Departure Alert System.

Some LTC facilities need large multi-faceted hard-wired RF systems. These systems can be linked to surveillance cameras, door locks, printers, smoke alarms - even telephones. The protection and versatility that these high-end products offer is all-encompassing. Most facilities don't have a need for the full gamut of features, nor can they afford an anti-wandering monitoring system -until now. After countless hours of research and development, Smart Caregiver Corporation in Sonoma County, California has developed a Wireless Anti Wandering System available for under $600., less than a third the cost of most competitors. This system is noteworthy because not only is it affordable to the average LTC facility, it performs faithfully with batteries and/or AC power, making It easy to install anywhere with just two screws. When the resident approaches a monitored area the receiver displays their name and sends a signal to an alarm or flashing light. Gone are conventional patient monitor wires and cords that can tangle and cause injuries or false alarms. Now, residents can get their rest because there are no alarms in the room and Caregivers can track their residents accurately and quickly. LTC facilities can rely on this practical and affordable anti-wandering system. It is a milestone in providing residents with the comfort and security they deserve.

Wireless Central Monitor Your residents and your reputation is safe with the Smart Central Monitor. When a resident attempts to get out of a monitored bed or pass through a monitored door, information is relayed to the Smart Central Monitor at the Nurses¹ Station. The display instantly identifies the resident, the bed and the door! Smart Central Monitor works with Smart Door Monitor and Smart Wireless Bed Monitors. Because Smart Central Monitor is wireless and battery or AC operated, it can be used anywhere. Best of all, the entire system costs far less then any other comparible Anti-Wandering System on the market.

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